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How to Use an Acoustic Guitar Capo?

  • Post published:November 19, 2020

As a guitarist, you should know the steps to use a capo. It is a vital skill. You can shorten the length of your strings at the same time by using an acoustic guitar capo. Using capos allows you to get better sound.

Moreover, it can make your life easier and all the things more fun. They can help beginners learn the guitar more easily. Check out this article to understand how to properly use an acoustic guitar capo.

How does a Guitar Capo Work?

This unit is a useful tool that allows you to alter the sound of your guitar. You can use this tool at any point on the guitar fretboard.

First, you open the clamp. Then, move the clamp to everywhere you expect it to be on the fretboard. After that, close it. It will press your strings down.

A capo is made to raise the guitar’s key. If it is put on the second fret, and you play it a C chord, it will produce the D sound.

The Purpose of Using a Capo

Here are three main functions of the capos:

  • Let you play songs more easily: this purpose is the main cause why guitarists use the capos.
  • Make the sound of your songs cooler: You may want to get a different sound in some cases. Then, you can get a bit more character or texture. It is important to know the way to use a Capo on your guitar. It allows you to learn about alternate tunings as well as chord voicings. Therefore, you can get an amazing sound.
  • Change your song’s key on-the-fly: This purpose is useful for those who effort to sing a song and want to play it in a different key later.

Ways to Use an Acoustic Guitar Capo

Use a Capo to Change the Song’s Key

You may understand how to play a song only in the C key. However, you may want to change to play it in the D key. All you have to do is to place your guitar capo in the 2nd fret. Then, play it in the C key. Then, the capo will make the music sounds in the key of D.

It is possible to move your tool to any fret. If you want to find the perfect key for the vocal range, you can slide your capo up or down the neck. You just should use a capo if you only use open strings for your songs.

Use your Capo to brighten up your Guitar’s Tone

Many guitarists also use a guitar capo since there is nothing to do with their vocal ranges. If you put this tool on the neck, you will get a brighter sound.

A capo is really a helpful tool if there are two guitarists who play a song together. Besides, a capo allows you to play some songs with ease with less stretching in the left hand.


Now, you understand more about a guitar capo. There are many benefits you can get from using a capo for your instruments. These tools are ideal for not only beginners but also advanced players.

They have been more and more popular for guitarists today. You should take guitar lessons to get more knowledge as well as basic guitar skills. Besides, remember not to leave your capo all night. Otherwise, it may lessen your fret’s life. Also, it can bend your guitar strings.