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6 Easy Love Songs on Guitar for Beginners

  • Post published:August 26, 2022

One of the best ways to express our love is music. In this article, we will show you our top five easy love songs to play on a guitar. All of them promise to win your lover’s heart. You can also play them on a guitar with ease.

Furthermore, these songs don’t require much skill to play. Our list below will give you a few ideas for easy love songs you can play on your guitar. Keep reading this post to get their details.

Top Six Easy Love Songs on a Guitar

“More than Words” – Extreme

If you are looking for easy love songs to play on your guitar, you shouldn’t miss out on this song. It brings a nice melody with an earworm feel.

It has simple words as well. Additionally, this love song is an amazing note. It is featured on different “Worst Songs Ever” lists.

“I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz

Although this love song was written in 2004, it was properly recorded in 2007. The fact is that it was a success upon its release immediately. It is a simple admission of love.

Besides playing on a guitar, the song sounds extremely cool when you play it on a ukulele. Therefore, you should give this song a shot.

“She will be Loved” – Maroon 5

This song is fourteen years old. In spite of the age, the song still offers a fresh sound as of the time it was released. Moreover, the song brings an intricate boss nova-inspired pattern.

It is easy to play. Indeed, you just need to drop complex techniques. Instead, you can use simple strumming because of the simple chords.

“Love Me Like You Do” – Ellie Goulding

You can find this song from a movie about S&M. When it comes to easy love songs on guitar, this song should come to our mind immediately. It is well written. Also, it gives you a catchy melody.

“Let Her Go” – Passenger

You couldn’t ignore this song in 2011-2012. The song was all over the TV, radio, as well as the internet. Until now, this song is still common out there.

This song is exactly the thing to play for those who are trying to win their ex back. All you need is the capo on the seventh fret. It will give you easier chord patterns.

“Love Me Do” – The Beatles

This song only takes two chords (G major and C major) to start. You just need to add the D major chord when getting its bridge part. Therefore, it is an easy song to play for beginners.

Keep in mind that every song will have its own strumming pattern. It will help if you get used to the song as well as its rhythm.


Now, you are at the end of our top six easy love songs you can play on your guitar. They are excellent options for beginners. Consider our list above. This list of five love songs includes some of the best songs that were ever written. Choose any of them, and learn it right now. Also, you can share these songs with your friends. All of these songs are great to experience.