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The 9 Best Flying V Guitars Reviews

  • Post published:August 28, 2022


Solo your way into the stratosphere with the best flying V guitars ever created.

The flying V design is endowed with a certain amount of style and grace.

Its aggressive phallic shape has made this instrument popular among some sections of the guitar-playing fraternity.

The string-through-body design contributes to the remarkable sound of the guitar. As an investment, you cannot lose with a flying V.

Flying V guitars are not your ordinary stringed instruments. You must have a specific style and features in mind.

So, in our top selections, we have considered all the important features you would want in a flying V guitar.



Top Pick

Jackson JS Series RR Minion JS1X Flying V Electric Guitar is our top pick. It is the classic Rhoads design, and it features a lightweight and comfortable flying V body.

You will love the outstanding performance of high-output humbucking pickups from Jackson, hardtail bridges, and die-cast tuners. It is the best you could have ever wished for.

The Best Flying V Guitars

Jackson JS Series RR Minion JS1X Flying V Electric Guitar


  • 24 jumbo frets
  • Maple neck w/ graphite reinforcements
  • Rear-angled headstock
  • Poplar Rhoads body
  • Humbucking pickups

The RR Minion JS1X from Jackson JS Series is a classic Rhoads design that features a lightweight and comfortable poplar body, maple neck, graphite neck reinforcements, and maple top.

The poplar body is soft and great for absorbing string energy. It has a nice resonance that is accompanied by a meaty tone.

The graphite reinforcements make sure the neck is supported when you are playing the guitar vigorously.

The rosewood fingerboard offers a softer, warmer sound, and those new strings will not sound harsh.

The JS1X comes equipped with high-performing humbucking pickups along with hardtail bridge and die-cast tuners.

The high-output humbuckers are suitable for producing single notes with high gain. They are also thicker, beefier, and stronger.

The hardtail bridge has superior tuning stability, and it allows for easy changing of strings.

The die-cast tuners, on the other hand, have a higher ratio of gearing. They provide a great degree of backlash elimination and smoother tuning.


  • Lightweight and comfortable poplar body
  • High-output humbuckers produce notes with high gain
  • Graphite reinforcement rods improve neck stability
  • The string-through-body hardtail bridge improves tuning stability
  • Die-cast tuners improve backlash elimination


  • The guitar may be a little bit smaller for taller players
  • Less satisfactory customer service

Daisy Rock Comet Flying V Electric Guitar


  • Slim and narrow design
  • 22 frets
  • Solid rosewood body
  • Humbucker pickups
  • Maple neck

This incredible flying V guitar from Daisy Rock comes from a modern collection. It is very basic, and it is available in pink-sparkle.

The Comet Electric features a solid body, which is made of rosewood. The solid body improves the guitar’s sustain and timbre.

This means this instrument has a singing quality and can hold long notes or chords. When you pluck a string on this instrument, be sure that you will get an enhanced timbre.

The rosewood body creates a warm, rich sound with great volume and resonance. The rosewood fingerboard and maple neck with dot inlays produce superior sound and feel.

It comes equipped with a humbucker pickup configuration, which is great because humbucker pickups have outstanding noise and hum reduction capabilities.

You’ve got a hardtail guitar bridge system that boasts better tuning stability and allows for easy changing of strings.

The 22 frets of the Comet Electric are expertly laid out to provide an equally strengthened division of the octave.


  • The solid guitar body improves sustain and timbre
  • It produces a warm, rich sound with superior resonance
  • Humbucker pickups reduce noise and hum
  • Hardtail guitar bridge improves tuning stability
  • A great choice for young players


  • Limited color options are provided

Dean V Dave Mustaine Flying V Guitar


  • Mahogany body
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Maple neck
  • 24 frets
  • Humbucker pickups and tune-o-Matic bridge

What a great option this model is for flying V guitar lovers. You can buy this instrument to replace your starter guitar.

It comes with a bolt-on neck construction, which is great because this type of neck design allows for easy replacement in case you experience any neck problems.

Another good thing about the maple bolt-on neck is that it does not twist or warp easily. The maple neck is fitted with an ultra-playable twenty-four-fret ebony fretboard with unique dot inlays.

We truly appreciate the performance of the Dean humbucker pickups, considering how effective they are at providing midrange and low-end definitions.

The humbucker system has a three-way selector that allows you to select either neck or bridge, or a combination. The pickups share the tone control, but each has a volume pot.

The Grover tuners produce dependable, solid tuning. The mini buttons of the tuners provide adequate space for tuning the strings.

They have an impressive gear ratio of 14:1, which guarantees lifetime serviceability.


  • Bolt-on neck does not twist or warp easily
  • The neck can easily be replaced in the future
  • The fretboard is highly ultra-playable
  • Humbucker pickups provide great midrange and low-end
  • Grover tuners allow for dependable and solid tuning


  • Possible quality issues with some models
  • It may be too small for some players

Dean MLX Flying V Electric Guitar


  • Basswood body wood
  • Maple neck and rosewood fretboard
  • Bolt-on neck design
  • Grover tuners
  • Tune-o-Matic bridge

The Dean MLX looks distinctive and eye-catching with its Trans Brazilia or Trans Red colorways.

What makes this guitar unique is the ML shape which is a combination of a flying V and an explorer.

The rear part of the Dean MLX is a flying V, while the forward half features an explorer.

The bolt-on neck design is exceptional. It is very easy to remove and replace a bolt-on neck because, as the name implies, it is merely bolted onto the body.

Classic dot inlays will keep your fingers tactfully on course for superior playability.

The sealed die-cast tuners, on the other hand, will keep your strings correctly in tune.

The zebra Dean humbuckers create enough bite and output to deliver a variety of overdriven and clean sounds.

The pickups share tone control, but they all have separate volume pots.

A Tune-o-Matic bridge is onboard, which is great because it adds tremolo and dive-bomb effects. This unique bridge design creates a sharper string break and allows for more intricate adjustments.

The Dean MLX features Grover tuners for solid and dependable tuning. These tuners have a great ratio of 14:1, greater stability, and finer tuning.

They not only eliminate backlash but also provide smoother tuning every time. These tuners also allow for a quick string change.

Another good feature is the 24-3/4-inch scale of Dean MLX, which is super easy to play. This scale has an easier string tension that improves playability.


  • Classic dot inlays improve playability
  • Dean humbuckers deliver adequate bite and output
  • The Tune-o-Matic bridge allows for more intricate adjustments
  • The higher gear ratio allows for finer tuning and superior stability
  • The 24-3/4-inch scale provides easier string tension


  • Some models may feature quality control issues

Dean ML 79 Floyd Rose Electric Guitar


  • Mahogany body
  • Mahogany top, back, and neck
  • Set-neck construction
  • DMT pickups
  • Floyd Rose bridge

This is an exciting evolutionary flying V guitar that features a slim, streamlined bevel-edged body and ultra-comfortable D-shaped neck. The Dean ML 79 is built for speed and precision performance.

This high-quality stringed instrument features a mahogany body, top, back, and neck. Mahogany’s tone is richer and warmer than maple’s but still has good sustain.

When compared to other tonewoods, the tone of mahogany remains more balanced.

The guitar features a Floyd Rose bridge with a double-locking design. By locking the strings at both the bridge and nut, it is capable of tuning stability through brutal bending from strings slack against the neck.

This ensures the guitar is in tune when playing large pitch changes.

You’ve got DMT Design BK/CR pickups. These vintage-style humbuckers are great for blues and rocks.

The superior output makes the pickups suitable for players looking for a balanced tonal response.

The guitar has a set-neck construction. The neck is permanently glued to the body to provide a high-quality guitar.

This neck design provides a warmer tone and more sustain.


  • Built for speed and precision performance
  • Mahogany body produces a richer and warmer tone
  • Double locking bridge improves tuning stability
  • Vintage-style humbuckers provide a balanced tonal response
  • Set-neck design offers a warmer tone and more sustain


  • Some models may come with poorly pitched necks

Jackson JS32T Rhoads Electric Guitar

This brand delivers quality and great performance guitars at a reasonable price. Although Jackson JS32T is more expensive than other models, it is still affordable. It is known as a special edition.

Its body is constructed with Basswood that is lighter in tone and weight compared to a Mahogany body. However, Basswood is still decent for this model. Besides, its neck is made of maple, which offers you a smooth matte finish.


  • A comfortable neck to play with
  • Detailed and clear guitar tones due to Ceramic pickups included.


  • Requires a setup out of the box
  • You may not get the best tone for metal from the Basswood body

ESP LTD Arrow-401 Electric Guitar

This brand is famous for its quality crafted guitars. However, these models are expensive for most buyers. It has an aggressive design and a Floyd Rose floating bridge that helps screech dive bombs and other tricks.

Moreover, the model comes with a small cut-out on the body. This feature allows you to play your instrument with ease. Its body is made of Mahogany. Therefore, it is ideal for metal. It is sure to give you heavy and warm tones.


  • A Mahogany body
  • The famous EMG 81/85
  • A Floyd Rose Bridge


  • A glossy finish seems to be sticky if you have sweaty hands

Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar

Dean V Dave comes with a Mahogany body. That is why it is perfect for metal. It also comes with a satin neck that allows you to play your guitar with comfort. Moreover, it has an ebony fingerboard.

The model promises to give you additional tone quality. There is also a string through its body. However, it is not simple to maintain this unit. It comes with the Dean pickups that sound well.


  • TonePros bridge gives perfect tuning stability
  • The pickup sounds clear, loud, and warm


  • Requires setup out of the box

Jackson X Series King V KVXMG

If you are looking for a modern V guitar without a tremolo bar, you should consider choosing this guitar. It offers the tried-and-tested pairing of an EMG 85 and EMG 81 in the neck and bridge, respectively.

It will surely deliver you a bright tone, thanks to a great combination of tonewoods. Moreover, it comes with a scarf-jointed maple neck, a 3-way blade selector, and tone and volume control.


  • Extreme solos due to double-locking Floyd Rose
  • V shape for a full-access neck


  • The pickups are not for every player

Things to Consider When Looking for Flying V Guitars

Here are a few things you can take into account when looking for the best model:

The body

A good flying V should have a body that is constructed out of no more than three pieces of wood. A one-piece body tends to resonate the best, but a two or even three-piece body can sound quite good.

Type of wood

What kind of tonewood is best for flying Vs? Different types of wood will have different sonic properties, but there are a few general rules to remember when deciding which wood is right for your sound.

No two pieces of wood are identical. So, while the sound of different types of wood will vary, the sound of two bodies made of the same wood will also vary.

The body is only one part of a flying V guitar; therefore, the sound of the body will be only one part of the total sound.

For example, you may want to temper a bright-sounding maple neck with a poplar body that absorbs more string energy.

While exotic woods make lovely furniture, common sense would indicate that there must be a reason why most guitarists have used guitars made out of mahogany, poplar, maple, alder, and ash.

Heavier, denser woods sound fuller and sustain better at lower volumes, while lighter bodies produce a clearer tone at high volumes.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Jackson JS Series RR Minion JS1X Flying V Electric Guitar. This flying V masterpiece carries tradition to new heights.

This incredible stringed instrument combines great build quality, superior playability, and exceptional sound quality.

Poplar is a great tonewood, which is extremely light and resonant. It has a tight grain that produces a very articulate sound similar to alder. The humbucking pickups are amazing.

They have unmatched noise-reducing properties and a high tolerance for hum.

They produce a warm and loud sound that outshines the snappy sound of conventional single-coil pickups.