There is something so compelling, so timeless about blues.

Every guitarist, whether novice or experienced, can learn from this great American art form.

You can learn to play and grow with blues if your guitar is equipped with the best electric guitar strings for blues.

The most ideal model is one that feels smooth and playable with exceptionally responsive touch.

The choice of electric guitar strings for blues is huge in today’s market. And not every guitarist knows what to look for.

So, in our top selections, we have considered all the important features of high-quality electric guitar strings for blues.

Top Pick

Ernie Ball Custom Gauge Nickle Wound Guitar Strings are the most liked and the bestseller.

They are favored by many guitarists playing blues because they deliver balanced and rich harmonics.

They have a great tone profile with an optimum output for treble, mid, and bass.

They also feature element shield packaging that does a good job of prolonging string life.

The Best Electric Guitar Strings for Blues

Ernie Ball Custom Gauge Nickel Wound Guitar Strings


  • Light to medium gauge (.010 to .046)
  • Nickel-plated steel wrap wire
  • Element shield packaging
  • High carbon steel hex core

The original version of these strings was created in 1962 and they have been played by many great guitarists like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

These high performing electric guitar blues strings are perfect for blues, jazz, rock, and any other style of music you might think about.

They are made of nickel-plated steel wrap wire and a tin-plated high-carbon steel core.

They have a classic balanced tone that works wonders with almost any electric instrument out there.

We truly appreciate the element shield packaging of these strings. It is creatively and safely designed to keep the strings fresh.

These strings have an incredible tensile strength with RPS technology, which is great because they will last a long time regardless of how frequently you play your electric guitar.

They feature a nanocoating that protects the gaps in between the structure of the strings for extended durability and performance.

The .010 to .046 string gauge range is ideal for long scale length electric guitars. They are also easy to tune.


  • They provide a balanced, classic tone with good intonation
  • Tin-plated high-carbon steel hex wire improves durability
  • Light to medium string gauge is easy to tune
  • They feature nanocoating for added durability and performance
  • They come in element shield packaging


  • Some strings may fail to fit into the tuning machines

DR Strings Pure Blues Pure Nickel Wrap Round Core 9/46 Strings


  • Pure nickel strings
  • Round core strings
  • 9/46 string gauges (light to medium)
  • Classic American tone and feel

These vintage electric guitar strings are crafted and designed to recreate the exceptional feel and tone of the classic American blues and rock.

The moment you install these strings on your guitar, you will notice a warm, distinctive, balanced sound that delivers oozes vintage vibe and rich overtones. The chords of the strings ring out round and sweet.

The leads of the DR become more present with plenty of sustain and punch. Not to mention that they go easy on your fingers with highly responsive touch sensitivity.

This pure nickel wrapped on round strings have less mid-range content, but they register a fuller, warmer bass.

The round core string design creates a distinctly vintage and dense tone with superior sustain.

This set has strings that rise in diameter (9/46) from .009 to .046. This set is suitable for electric guitars with a scale length of 25.5 inches.

You can easily compensate with lighter guitar strings for the reduced smooth feel and extra tension when playing a longer scale length.


  • Easy to install blues guitar strings
  • Rising in diameter string gauge of 9/46 is ideal for longer scale length guitars
  • The strings have superior chords that ring out round and sweet
  • Round core strings create a dense tone with good sustain
  • They have a highly responsive touch sensitivity


  • They are not universally compatible with every electric guitar

D’Addario EPN115 Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings


  • Pure nickel strings
  • Round wound strings
  • 11-48 string gauges
  • Warm tone and uncoated

The D’Addario EPN115 strings are world-renowned as the player’s choice for electric strings, and they have been the go-to for countless artists and records since the beginning of rock.

This incredible set offers the most resourceful gauge combinations. This particular set has three nickel wound gauges (.048, .037, .027) and three plain steel gauges (.018, .014, .011).

This set of 11-48 strings is very popular with instruments that have a somewhat shorter scale length. They will not suffer the adverse effects of bendability.

The D’Addario XL electric guitar strings are precision wound to make sure that each string delivers unparalleled consistency, clear fundamentals, and excellent intonation.

The nickel-plated steel wrap wire has a magnetic output and a distinctive bright tone.

The bass strings contain an inner steel core wrapped in a round winding. Round wound strings give a clear, bright tone and superior volume. They are just perfect for blues, jazz, and rock.


  • They are suitable for electric guitars with shorter scale lengths
  • They do not easily suffer the effects of bendability
  • Have a magnetic output and distinctive bright tone
  • Deliver unmatched consistency and superior intonation
  • They go easy on your fingers


  • Some models may be susceptible to corrosion

EVH Premium Electric Guitar Strings


  • Light to medium gauges
  • Nickel wound
  • Great for playing low tunes
  • Smooth playability

Have you been looking for ultra-comfortable electric guitar strings for playing blues, jazz, and rock? Look no further than EVH Premium Electric Guitar Strings.

The strings are nickel wound, which is great because they are crisper, sharper, more mid-range, and brighter. They offer smooth playability and great tone.

They are designed for unique specifications. They have innovative nickel windings and a high-quality hex core.

They come in a variety of unique and popular gauges, including .046, .036, .026, .016, .011, and .009 to provide a comfortable and enjoyable electric guitar playing experience.

What makes these strings great for blues and jazz is their tuning stability.

Everyone wants their guitar to stay in tune because no one likes spending too much time tuning a guitar repeatedly.

The light to medium gauge strings will surely hold and maintain the tune.

Are these electric guitar strings great for Drop D or Drop C tunes?

The EVH strings have proven to be reliable when playing some low tunes, such as drop D or C. They are also brighter with more sustain.


  • They are easy to install and tune
  • Provide smooth playability and good quality tone
  • Light to medium gauges are suitable for playing low tunes
  • They will stay in tune once you have them tuned
  • They suit long scale length electric guitars


  • It is possible to receive strings that are too brittle

Elixir Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings


  • Light to medium gauge (.010-.046)
  • Nickel-plated steel strings
  • Features OPTIWEB coating
  • Anti-rust plating

These high performing electric guitar strings are designed for musicians who just want to play blues and jazz repeatedly. They are premium and long-lasting.

Unlike ordinary guitar strings that do not have protection between the windings, Elixir strings are completely protected.

Elixir is the only brand that coats the entire string.

The heavy-duty floral polymer coating keeps the gaps in between the strings protected.

The tone of these strings lasts longer compared to any other electric guitar strings out there.

This is good news if you are an enthusiastic electric guitar blues player because you will spend less time changing your electric guitar strings and more time playing your favorite blues tunes.

These nickel-plated steel wrap wire strings have a light to a medium gauge of .010 to .046, making them suitable for instruments with a long scale length.

They also stay in tune and are capable of delivering sweet sounds at low tunes.

Another good thing about these strings is their superior anti-rust properties, which ensure you get extended tone life.


  • They feature superior coating for a natural feel
  • They are highly rust-resistant for longer tone life
  • Light to medium gauge is great for long scale length guitars
  • They are ultra-smooth and comfortable on the fingers
  • Nickel-plated steel offers a slick and fast playing experience


  • Quality control may be an issue with some models

Donner DES-20M Electric Guitar Strings


  • 10-46 string gauges
  • Nickel alloy coating
  • Round wound technology
  • Nickel-plated ball ends
  • High-carbon hex steel core

Have you been looking for cost-effective electric guitar strings for practicing and playing blues? Look no further than Donner DES-20M.

These strings feature nickel-plated ball ends, which is great because they help prevent slipping of the strings and make sure that they vibrate continuously.

This gives you clean blues sounds. The hexagonal steel core; on the other hand, offers more contact points during winding to guarantee a stable tone.

Nickel-plated wire strikes a superior balance between playing feel and guitar sound. This makes the strings suitable for first-time electric guitar players.

You’ve got two sets of string gauges, nickel wound (.046, .036, .026), and plain steel (.017, .013, .010).

You will appreciate the oxidation-resistant nickel coating, which does a good job of preventing rust and corrosion.

They are also delivered in a sealed package that keeps the strings fresh.


  • Nickel-plated ball ends help prevent slipping
  • Hexagonal steel core improves tone stability
  • They deliver a perfect balance between playing feel and sound
  • The oxidation-resistant coating prevents rust and corrosion
  • Light to medium gauge strings are easy to tune


  • Some models may be susceptible to breakage

Things to Consider When Looking for Electric Guitar Strings for Blues

Selecting electric guitar strings for blues can be challenging. But here are a few considerations that can help you with your search.

Types of electric guitar strings

There are various types like flatwound, roundwound, groundwound, and half-round.

These days more guitarists choose round wound strings than any other type because they give the brightest tones when playing blues songs.

Flatwound electric strings have a mellower sound that is combined with a much smoother feel.

The half-round or ground wound electric guitar strings combine the finest features of both flatwound and round wound types.

Type of material

There are two main types of materials you can consider when looking for electric guitar strings for playing blues songs.

Nickel strings

There are two varieties of nickel electric guitar strings, pure nickel, and nickel-plated.

Pure nickel strings have a warm, smooth tone with an impressive output. Moreover, the tone is more round and full compared to nickel-plated strings.

Nickel-plated strings; on the other hand, are pretty much the same as acoustic guitar strings except that the windings are made of either nickel-plated steel or nickel-iron alloy.

Nickel-plated strings produce a bright tone and they are highly magnetic. These strings last somewhat longer than pure nickel, but they tend to wear frets down faster.

Stainless steel strings

These types of strings are anti-corrosive and produce a brilliant tone. They have a round stainless steel wound and they generate a very powerful, bright sound. They last longer compared to nickel-plated steel strings.

What string gauge is ideal for blues?

String gauge is the diameter of a string that is measured in thousands of an inch.

An electric guitar with high action and heavy strings will discourage even the most excited beginner.

Make sure that in the beginning, your electric steel string guitar has light gauge strings.

The most recommended tuning for blues is drop D tuning (light top heavy bottom), which is 10 to 52 on both Gibson and Fender scales.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this round up are Ernie Ball Custom Gauge Nickle Wound Guitar Strings. This is the most popular set of electric guitar strings for blues.

It is favored by both beginners and experts, not only because of the good price point but also because of its excellent sound properties when playing blues.

These guitar strings are nickel-wound, which means they produce a bright tone and they have a legendary slinky feel and tone that is perfect for blues and other styles and genres.

The string gauge and tone profile (treble, mid, and bass) are just perfect for playing blues. Not to mention that the set comes in a water-tight package that is resistant to humidity.