one question that bugs many beginners who decided to learn guitar online is: what is the best online guitar course for a beginner that suits them.

The best online guitar course is the one that perfectly matches your current playing level (even if no-level at all), consists of organized lessons and practice plans that builds (you) up gradually, and is delivered by top notch instructors on the instrument you wish to play. The costs vary from $9.99-$19.95 for a monthly plan and $7.5-$14.92 for yearly plans.

Besides this, to increase the chances of you making a more “educated” and “right” decision for yourself, here is good short list of points to consider that will help you determine what is the best online guitar course for a beginner that fits you the most.


What makes the best online guitar course for a beginner experience?

1. The Instructor

That is the most important factor, and the first thing you should check on your free trial period.

A good instructor is someone that “catches” you from start and makes you want for more even after the lesson is over.

The instructor should be (in your way of seeing thing) pleasant, easy to understand and follow, coherent and most importantly, not boring. We call this chemistry.

2. Simple-to-use interface and ease of navigation

So you can save your time by actually learning comfortably rather than trying to figure out the course’s interface.

3. Lessons should flow smoothly.

A path that makes sense in progress is easier to follow.

4. A supporting system/community.

So we can ask questions and consult other members or instructors about difficulties and challenges we are facing.

5. Top quality and functionality of sound and videos.

This will make the learning process much more enjoyable. For example: the ability to loop back a certain section of a video and or slow it down will help you better digest the material when something is not understood.

6. Style

After acquiring the fundamentals, learning in the style you like (Rock, blues, country etc.) is a satisfactory bonus.  This can keep you motivated which is a huge challenge to itself.

7. Excellent resources/tool boxes and cool features.

For example, online tuner, chord finder, fretboard trainer, comprehensive glossary, backing tracks (for jamming), and bonus lessons such as guitar maintenance are all good examples for a richer learning experience.

8. Fun

It means that you learn something new and use it right away; fun also means that practice doesn’t feel like work.

What you should expect to get from the best online guitar course for a beginner?

  • A Free trial period. (Ease of registration would be nice too)…

This is important so you can assess the courses general “feel” and check if you connect to it.

  • Organized lessons program plus clear action steps.

The course structure should lead the road like a professional tour guide does, not like someone who has lost his compass.

  • A reasonable price.

Given the fact that a private teacher can cost up to 45 USD for a single lesson, a reasonable price for a complete online guitar course should be around $9.99-$19.55 per month.

  • Fast and steady results.

We want success and we want it now!!! If no fast results, meaning we can play something in our first week of playing then WTF??

  • Comprehensiveness

We need to tap into one place for all (or at least most) questions we have.

Top 2 best online guitar courses for a beginner, GuitarTricks VS fender play review


Disclosure: We are also a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and recommend.

This next done-for-you comparison will help you get a better picture of what we believe are the two best online guitar courses for beginners available today.

We reviewed them by the parameters stated above.

Yet again, nothing will give you a better understanding of which one is the most suitable for you unless you sign up for their free trial periods and check for yourself.



Years active: 1998-present.

Sound and videos quality: Top notch, sound is clear, transmits warmth.

Unique pearls: Variety of professional instructors, they took the time to put  the best teachers.

Cool features: online metronome so you can play in tempo, reference tuner (this is cool because it lets you hear how your guitar supposed to sound like).

Ease of registration: high, easy to start.

Simplicity of use and navigation: medium

Variety of styles: high

Comprehensiveness: high

Additional benefits: also includes lessons for advanced players so after you finished the beginners stuff you can continue to advanced level smoothly.

A supporting system: members forum

Trial: a free 14 day trial, no credit card needed.


Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Fender play


Years active: 2017-present.

Sound and videos quality: Very high quality, a little alienated.

Unique pearls: Self-evaluation lesson so you can check your progress from time to time.

Cool features: online metronome, adjustable playback speed so you can start practice slowly and gradually go faster.

Ease of registration: low

Simplicity of use and navigation: high

Variety of styles: medium

Comprehensiveness: medium

Additional benefits: 

A supporting system: Facebook group.

Trial: a free 7 day trial, no credit card needed.



Best online guitar course FAQ’s

When should I start the free trial period?

Now!!! Even before you possess a guitar!!!  Why?

Because you earn free detailed explanations on guitar types, guitar parts, guitar sizes, Picks, cables and so on, you won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong guitar for yourself.

An excellent introduction lesson can actually help you understand your needs thus You will make a sharper, more accurate decision for yourself before choosing which guitar is best for you. This will give you the power to buy a guitar when you’re armed with the knowledge of what you want and need.

What level of playing are you reviewing here?

Beginners, both courses were designed and aimed for beginners.

How long before I can see good results with an online guitar course?

We usually expect some results within the first-second week of a course.

What is the difference between beginners to advanced online guitar courses?

The focus! The best online guitar lessons for beginners will focus on fundamentals, chord shapes and songs whereas the advanced courses will focus on styles, Solos, musical scales, theory, and advanced techniques.

Example for beginners focused online guitar courses: Guitar Tricks, fender play and Jamorama.

Examples for advanced level of playing courses are Truefire and Jamtracks.

Which course should I try?

Both! That’s the only why you’ll be able to find out which communicates best with you.

What action steps do I need to start with?

A trial period, buying a guitar.

Why shouldn’t I start learning guitar with YouTube for free?

Starting with YouTube will actually prevent you from getting fast results for three reasons:

First, random videos are not organized as a professional course does, in which, you have a starting point, a path, and ending point, so it will prevent you from getting consistent results.

Secondly, you will find yourself spending more time searching for videos instead of investing that time in learning and practicing.

Last, YouTube video platform is not as advanced as in the courses mentioned above platforms, not by their functionality, sound quality and comfort of use.

Go to you tube when you are looking for a specific topic for instance: how to play a certain solo or a scale.

Use YouTube as a learning resource, something that occasionally help you, but certainly not your main learning program.


What is the best online guitar course for a beginner summary

Whatever your reasons may be, the truth is that in order to achieve your goal of playing the guitar, to get quick results and have fun while doing it, we recommend what we believe is the best online guitar course available for a beginner which is GuitarTricks.

The importance of choosing the right course for yourself is crucial because it will shape, influence and provide you with god habits for the rest of you playing life.

Make sure you plant the best fundamentals seeds possible.


Some mind-openers for the beginner guitar player

  1. If you invest half of your practice time in your strumming hand, you will double the pace of your improvement!
  2. “What I lack in skill I make up in numbers” Jim rohn.

In other words make as many quality repetitions as possible.

  1. If you ever plan to achieve your goal, just get it over with.