The Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly


Introducing: “The Google Maps’s Twin Brother for Guitar Learning”

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By Clark Bond


Dear near-future guitarist,

If you’re a self-learner (like my friend Joe Cooder) looking for the easiest and fastest way to teach yourself guitar,

this will be the most insightful thing you’ll read today.

Here is why:

Last May, I Invited Joe and his wife, Lisa, for a warm afternoon barbecue to celebrate Joe’s 44th birthday.

A few minutes after I started the fire, Joe was in my backyard carrying something I’d never seen him with before.


It was a brand new alligator leather guitar case.


Last steak bites, Joe opens this case, takes out his new natural blonde acoustic guitar,

and starts playing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Our ladies joined the singing, and Joe impressively kept the atmosphere going for about an hour.

Later on, when I asked Joe where he’d learned to play like this,


His answer was somewhat unexpected:


I wanted fast results, so I went on the web looking for a guitar learning system that would do for me what “Google Maps does for drivers.” 

You know, navigate me to my destination in the fastest possible way.

And what was your destination? I asked.

Although I wasn’t sure if I could even learn to play guitar at my age, I just wanted to play some songs I love, not only for myself but also around the family and at get-togethers like this one.


And you know what?


He continued…

When I finally pushed myself to start three months ago, I was amazed by my newfound guitar-learning system.

I stuck with it for two weeks when I realized playing wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Within the first three super-clear videos, totaling nine minutes, all fogginess around the guitar vanished, and I could start learning to play right there,


In my living room.


Moreover, unlike the scattered “share-like and subscribe” videos you see everywhere these days,

In this system, the lessons are tied up in sequential order, making it easy for me to focus on my daily improvement without any distractions.

Today, when I get back from work, I simply log into my computer and continue to take a quick lesson from where I left off, and then, for another ten minutes, I play just for fun.


The best part of it is that,


Lisa’s happy.

She says I’ve made a wise choice to start playing because my new hobby bought us extra quality time with the kids.


Here is the system that helped my friend get to his destination…

If learning to play guitar quickly is what you want,

Click here for a free two-week assessment to see how it could do the same for you.


Thanks for reading this.
Clark Bond.