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Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars

  • Post published:August 28, 2022

A 3/4 size (36-inch) acoustic guitar is an excellent beginner option.

Each acoustic guitar brand commits to great playing, giving you superior-sounding instruments with impeccable appointments and inspiring tones.

You can choose from many acoustics styles, like flattop, classical, and dreadnought.

However, the choice of the best 3/4 size acoustic guitar is vast on the market, and not every new player knows what to look for.

So, in our top eight selections, we have considered all the essential features you would want your 36-inch acoustic guitar to have.

Top Pick

Gusic Classical 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar is our top pick. This innovative instrument has a basswood back and body that produces full to mid-range response.

The maple fretboard and bridge deliver articulate, precise notes. You also get a multi-function clip-on tuner and easy-to-use picks.

The Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars

Gusic Classical 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar


  • Basswood top, back, and side
  • Maple fingerboard and bridge
  • Nylon string guitar
  • Three-in-line tuning pegs
  • Complete starter kit

Are you looking for a high performing classical guitar for your kid? Look no further than this incredible 3/4 Acoustic Guitar from Gusic.

It is a great choice for smaller hands that are learning how to play guitar for the first time.

The 3/4 size is suitable for new guitarists ranging from eight to sixteen years old or one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and seventy centimeters tall.

The top, back, and side of the guitar are made of basswood, which is great because this material is super light and generates a full to the mid-range response.

This material is well-matched with humbucking pickups because it produces frequencies that regular pickups usually recreate.

The fingerboard and the bridge; on the other hand, are made of maple. The maple fingerboard produces articulate, precise notes with a tight low end and a good bite.

The guitar comes equipped with nylon strings, which produce ultra-light string tension.

This makes the Gusic an appropriate choice for young guitarists who are not experienced enough to press metal wire strings.

Another good thing about this guitar is the complete starter kit that includes the guitar, a guitar footstool (adjustable height), a gig bag, a clip-on tuner (multi-function), one wipe, two picks, and an additional set of nylon strings.


  • It is super light for small guitarists
  • The ultra-light nylon strings go easy on a kid’s fingers
  • The adjustable height footstool helps improve your kid’s posture
  • It produces articulate, precise notes with a tight low end
  • The matching accessories are very useful


  • It produces an unpleasant paint smell out of the box

J&Z 3/4 Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar


  • 18 frets
  • Basswood top, back, and sides
  • Engineered wood fingerboard
  • ABS tuning pegs
  • Six nylon strings

With a neck that is easy to play on and a beautiful and beautiful gloss finish, this amazing guitar comes with a complete starter kit.

The kit contains everything a young guitarist needs to get started. A gig bag with an integrated backpack strap that makes carrying the instrument to lessons or school much easier.

A guitar tuner that helps your kid tune the instrument perfectly. An innovatively designed guitar strap helps your kid hold the instrument properly.

This classical guitar is engineered for nylon strings, which means it is plain on the top three strings and wound on the bottom three.

Therefore, it features a much lighter construction than its steel-string cousins. It is generally smaller in size and has a wider neck and a flat fingerboard to facilitate a classical technique.

The bright tone of the maple neck is further enhanced by a maple fretboard to produce articulate notes with a tight low end.


  • The lighter construction is easy for a kid to hold
  • It is easy to tune the guitar with a guitar tuner
  • The guitar strap allows a young player to hold the guitar properly
  • The nylon strings are easier on inexperienced fingers
  • The innovative guitar pick makes it easier to play


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing
  • Some models may come with manufacturing issues

Donner Dreadnought 3/4 Acoustic Guitar


  • Dreadnought body
  • African mahogany back, side, and neck
  • African spruce top
  • 20 frets
  • Concentric rosette

This is a great entry-level for beginners or anyone looking for a reliable second instrument. It has a spruce top, mahogany back, sides, and top with a mahogany neck.

Mahogany usually emphasizes treble and bass with a woody sound and overtone coloration. This material is not only resistant to wood rot, but it is also unlikely to warp.

You’ve got a rosewood fingerboard with dots inlays. Around the soundhole, the manufacturer added a series of concentric rings of decoration, perhaps to make the rose look more intentional and part of the overall design.

Donner is a really great place to start acoustic playing. It is very responsive and playable, which means you do not have to push your fingers to produce a smooth sound. The dreadnought body boasts a balanced and full tone.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy 3/4 acoustic that can handle some heavy strumming and produce a big acoustic sound, then you should give Donner a try.


  • It comes as an all-in-one acoustic guitar package
  • The dreadnought body is well-balanced and easy to play
  • It emphasizes treble and bass with an overtone coloration
  • It is very responsive, so you do not have to push too hard
  • The 10 mm gig bag provides secure storage for the guitar


  • It is only right hand compatible
  • Possible to receive a package with missing items

Yamaha JR2TBS 3/4 Acoustic Tobacco Sunburst Guitar


  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Slotted headstock
  • Chrome machine heads

This is a great beginner acoustic guitar from the Yamaha Junior series of 3/4 scale guitars. It is a legitimate musical instrument that will transform a beginner into an expert guitarist.

It is strung up like a full-size acoustic guitar, which is great because it plays just like a full-size.

The top of this instrument is made of solid spruce, giving you a great tone right out of the box. The spruce wood ages charmingly and the sound also evolves and matures slowly.

You have mahogany back and sides, which produce a punchy tone with a high-end response and low overtone. You’ve also got a smooth tobacco sunburst finish with a nato neck.

The bridge is made of rosewood as is the fretboard. The slotted headstock is incorporated with chrome machine heads that allow you to easily and effectively adjust string tension.


  • It is strung like a full-size acoustic guitar
  • Spruce top boasts a great tone that evolves with time
  • Produces a punchy tone with a high-end response
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge are aesthetically pleasing
  • You get more clarity and liveliness from the slotted headstock


  • Quality control seems to be inconsistent from one model to another

Pyle 3/4 Junior Classical Acoustic Guitar


  • Linden wood body
  • Nylon strings
  • 18 frets
  • Dyed Maple wood fretboard
  • Rosette linden laminate finish

This is just the perfect acoustic guitar to start and it is an excellent instrument for the money. It is innovatively crafted to fit the hands of a kid.

This amazing classical acoustic guitar is crafted for nylon strings and therefore features a much lighter construction.

The guitar is generally smaller and has a wider neck with a flat fingerboard to facilitate the classical beginner technique.

The headstock is slotted, and the bridge is made to have nylon strings tied onto them.

The handcrafted design features a chrome three-in-line head, high-gloss polished body, dyed maple wood fretboard, birch headstock, and a rosette linden laminate finish.

This basic guitar comes with all the accessories you will need to get started, including Pearloid picks, spare strings, a pitch pipe tuner, and a gig bag.


  • The soft nylon strings are beginner-friendly
  • It has a handcrafted classical body that is lightweight and easy to play
  • The zip-up guitar gig bag is highly traveling friendly
  • Pearloid picks are great for sounding individual notes
  • Great for on-stage performance, band rehearsal, and recitals


  • Linden wood is soft and tends to dent easily
  • Possible to experience lose strings that will not tune

WINZZ Left Handed 3/4 Acoustic Guitar


  • Linden plywood top and body
  • Linden plywood back and sides
  • Okoume neck
  • Technical wood fingerboard and bridge
  • Left-handed player

This amazing acoustic guitar from WINZZ is attractive, quality, and affordable. It sports a dark hunter green color that is eye-catching.

The dreadnought design has a larger body, and therefore the low end and low mids are emphasized.

This is a great guitar style for a beginner because it provides a warmer and louder acoustic guitar tone, especially if you are playing strummed rhythms.

The linden plywood top, back, and sides make the guitar strong, stable, and durable. The laminate does a great job of imitating the look of solid wood. The instrument produces tonewood and grain highlighting.

This model also has a complete beginner package, including cloth, strap, picks, wall mount hanger, gig padded bag, and a metronome tuner.

The metronome tuner allows for fast and accurate tuning. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to tune your acoustic instrument by just pressing a few buttons. It features several sub-division options and a wide range of tempos.

You will appreciate the creative design of the gig padded bag, which allows you to pack everything you need when you go for lessons.


  • Has emphasized low ends and low mids
  • It provides a louder and warmer acoustic guitar tone
  • The laminate boasts tonewood and grain highlighting
  • The metronome tuner allows for fast and accurate tuning
  • The gig padded bag is very comfortable to carry


  • The guitar can arrive damaged
  • Quality control issues with some models

HUAWIND 3/4 Classical Acoustic Guitar


  • Classical guitar style
  • Basswood top, back, and sides
  • Maple neck
  • Scientific wood fretboard and bridge
  • Six nylon strings

This amazing classical acoustic guitar captures sound cleanly. It is one of the best value models that will transform your kid into an expert guitarist in no time.

The HUAWIND sports basswood top, back, and sides provide one of the Holy Grail tones because of the lightness and sharpness of the body. The scientific wood used to make the fretboard and bridge is a great tonewood.

The nylon strings produce a nice mellow tone and they are much easier to press to the fingerboard so they do not hurt your finger.

You should know that the nylon strings on this guitar tend to stretch. But they will return more effectively as you get used to the instrument.

The slotted headstock of HUAWIND increases the angle at which the nylon strings cross over the nut.

This unique design feature gives open strings more liveliness and clarity to produce great notes. The nylon strings will not slip over the machine head.


  • It is available at a reasonable price point
  • Provides lightness of basswood body and sharpness of maple neck
  • Nylon strings are soft to the fingers and easy to play
  • Slotted headstock improves clarity and liveliness
  • The classical construction is lighter and easier to handle


  • The instrument comes with limited accessories
  • Keeping the guitar in tune may be difficult for some players

BEEING 3/4 Classical Acoustic Guitar


  • Basswood top and back
  • Hard maple neck
  • Nylon strings
  • ABS nut and saddle
  • Eco-friendly paint

One of the best value options for beginners. Not to mention that its traditional and exquisite craftsmanship is attention-grabbing.

The 3/4 size is 36 inches long, which is great because it is ideal for ages eight to twelve, but it also fits adult players. It weighs less and comes with a gig bag, making it suitable for traveling.

It has a basswood top, which is the most popular wood for a guitar top board. You’ve got basswood back and sides with a hard maple neck, bridge, and fingerboard.

The lightness of the basswood produces a full to the mid-range response. The hard maple wood; on the other hand, has less tonal complexity and tends toward a treble-prominent, brighter sound.

This incredible acoustic from BEEING comes with nylon strings that have superior elasticity, making them easier to play. The strings will not hurt inexperienced fingers.


  • Practical guitar kit that is suitable for beginners
  • Highly elastic nylon strings are much easier to play
  • The traditional classical craftsmanship is eye-catching
  • It produces full to mid-range response
  • The guitar has less tonal complexity with a brighter sound


  • It may not come with all the essential accessories

Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is great for beginners. Also, it is ideal for adults. It is an excellent choice for adult travelers who want to play it on their trips. You will not also get any extra weight from the regular adult models.

It comes with a mahogany body. There are also 19 frets. Moreover, the guitar has a genuine ebony fingerboard. We highly recommend you to play it during your travels. Besides, you can also use it as a gift for your young child.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a 3/4 size acoustic guitar, you should not miss out on this guitar. It is a great option for both kids and small-handed adult players. You can also consider using this guitar as a gift for a child.

It comes with the built-in ART Pickup System. Moreover, it has a built-in chromatic tuner. There is also a volume control that is simple to use. Therefore, you can get quick adjustments.

There is also a neck of 15 inches, as well as 21 frets. The model is sure to offer you a surprising tone. It will satisfy you with the strings, a strap, tuners, as well as a comfortable gig-bag.

Ibanez AE245JR Acoustic Electric Guitar

This model is great for you when performing at a gig or recording in the studio. It promises to give you great playability. Moreover, you will also get a balanced sound. The model is ideal for not only finger but also plectrum playing.

It comes with a Mahogany body. Therefore, you will receive a warm woody tone. The model also features the dynamic fretboard inlay. The Ibanez also allows you to remove unwanted parameter changes during performances.

Additionally, this product comes with an under-the-saddle pickup that offers a well-balanced signal.

Luna Safari Travel Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to the most affordable 3/4 size acoustic guitar, we cannot ignore the Luna Safari. It is an ideal option for small-handed guitar players. It brings all the great features you need.

It comes with a Mahogany body and a rosewood fingerboard. It is perfect for the backpack traveler, thanks to overall great construction. If you need a durable model, it is just for you. It comes with a high-pressure laminate top.

Although it is an affordable model, it can withstand even the harshest travel exposures. Furthermore, you will also love its clear sound.

Ibanez PF2MHOPN Acoustic Guitar

You will get all of the professional features from the Ibanez PF2MHOPN. It also has an affordable price tag. The dreadnought body is constructed with a Mahogany body. Moreover, there is an open pore finish.

It also comes with the Rosewood Bridge, which is simple to navigate. Besides, there are chrome tuners. Plus, the model provides you with a comfortable gig bag. Therefore, you can carry it with ease.

You will feel the grain of the wood due to the open-pore finish. There are also some spare parts, including an Allen wrench, the extra bridge, and the extra bridge pin.

Things to Consider When Looking for 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar brands that manufacture the 3/4 size are many, but here are a few things that can help you choose the best model.

Clarity and speed of response

One of the most important things when choosing an acoustic guitar is clarity, simply because it is a component of projection and speed.

The instrument must produce articulated notes in the fast passage with a quick response.

Acoustic guitar styles

You can choose from several acoustic guitar styles, but the most popular ones are classical and dreadnought.

Classical acoustic guitars are usually made of nylon strings. They are wound on the bottom three strings and Palin on the top three.

A 36-inch classical acoustic is smaller and has a wider neck and a flat fretboard, making it ideal for a beginner.

Dreadnought acoustic guitars are also suitable for young players. The dreadnought style is one of the most popular in today’s market.

It is an excellent option for bluegrass and flat-picking. This acoustic guitar style strikes the best balance between size, volume, and ease of playing.

Types of materials

Even though beginners may not be too concerned about materials (wood), the type of wood the guitar is made from matters.

The type of wood used in different parts affects tone and overall performance. When choosing wood type, consider appearance, toughness, stiffness, strength, damping, density, and resonance.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Gusic Classical 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar. This 3/4 size classical acoustic guitar has many elements traditionally found on more expensive string instruments.

The price point is cheap, but the overall build quality is outstanding. The basswood body produces full to mid-range response.

Considering how easy it is to wheel, control, and play the guitar, you will grow to like the classical style.

The nylon strings are gentle on small fingers, so you do not have to press harder to produce the desired sounds.

You also get a complete guitar pack, including a multi-function tuner, a wipe, innovatively designed picks, and a height-adjustable guitar footstool.