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Best Acoustic Guitar Amps under 300

  • Post published:August 27, 2022

As an acoustic guitar owner, it is not essential to get a guitar amplifier.

However, it is necessary for a couple of other things. Indeed, you will need a louder sound. You can also use a guitar amp to play your instrument in a small room.

In this post, we will talk about our top five best acoustic guitar amps under $300. Keep reading this post to discover them.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Amps under 300 Reviews

Headrush FRFR-108 Guitar Amp

This model is lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it around with ease. You can also mount this amp on poles to get the best sound coverage. It is also easy to set up. Besides, there are two 8-inch speaker systems along with a compression driver.

It does not require you to get a mic to transmit the sound to this model. There are two contour switches at the back of the model for the mic as well as your guitar. It is an excellent option for high powered gigs and home practicing.


  • Lightweight
  • XLR onboard output
  • Two contour switches
  • Allows you to mount speakers


  • For beginners, the sound seems to be mushy

Fender Mustang GT Guitar Amp

If you are looking for wireless connectivity, you should consider purchasing this guitar amp. You can download updates to the software on the app, thanks to its Wi-fi capabilities. Moreover, the model also allows you to not only load but also save the preset.

Additionally, this model allows you to connect via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can get a seamless connection between your amp and the fender app. The model also includes a 40W stereo system. The model is sure to provide you with the best clarity and volumes.


  • Wifi connection to the Fender app
  • More than 40 preset tones
  • A 40W stereo system
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Without numbers on the dial to set the best volume

Fishman Loudbox Mini Amplifier

This model is lightweight with a weight of less than 9 kg. Therefore, it is simple to carry it around. However, the model doesn’t come with corner protectors. It means you need to be careful. Otherwise, you may drop it off anything.

Besides, the model comes with simple control knobs. You can control the sound level, thanks to the master volume knob it includes. It is simple to find, reach, as well as adjust the knob. You will also get a 10-degree tilt from the speakers.


  • 60W sound quality
  • More accessible control knobs
  • Excellent bass


  • The small tilt angle of the speakers require you to place support to do this further

Roland CUBE-ST Amplifier

When it comes to the best acoustic guitar amps for the budget, we cannot ignore the Roland CUBE-ST. It is ideal for players who are frequently on the move. You can customize any tone. Moreover, it allows you to load the 3 amp models from the Android device.

You will also get a wide range of tones from the amp. There is a memory function as well. Moreover, we also recommend you to try out the new octave effects operating well on the distorted tones.


  • Battery-powered
  • Three amp tones
  • Equalization control and separate reverb
  • Memory function processor


  • The lack of footswitch

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp

The model comes with removable and AC batteries. That is why this guitar amp is portable. The model will make some noise if the amp is plugged in AC. However, it allows you to remove batteries whenever you want to use them.

The model also comes with 8 knobs. Once you press the small push button, you will see the active preset button. Moreover, it also allows you to control the output level as well as the tempo rate. Besides, this amp also offers you the way to download the THR Editor.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • AC and DC powered at once
  • Great adjustments
  • Ideal for practicing


  • You need to screw the battery


It may be not a simple task to look for the best acoustic guitar amps under $300 for you. I hope this article can make your purchase a bit easier. Also, I hope you enjoyed it, and the info I gave you will help you make the right choice. All the models above are worth investing in. Consult any of them before making your decision.