Best RCA Cables for Turntables

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Enhance Your Vinyl Experience with the Best

RCA Cables for Turntables


One of the last things you think about when putting your audio set-up together are the RCA cables you can purchase to hook up your record player to speakers.

You can improve the sound quality by upgrading your speakers or changing your phono cartridge.

This post will discuss today’s top five best RCA cables for turntables. Let’s take a look at their detailed reviews!

Top Five Best RCA Cables for Turntables Reviews

AudioQuest Golden Gate RCA Cable

This product is a value at its price. It has professional-level design and technology. It is made of great-surface copper. It ensures a smooth surface. Also, it can help to decrease the distortion while transferring your record player to the cable.

On the top of the cable, there are cold-welded connectors instead of soldered ones. They can remove a common source of distortion. Also, they come with a unique cable path. You will get a clean sound.

The AudioQuest is a lightweight and thin unit. It comes with long-grain copper. Therefore, you can use it for any turntable. It also has a metal-layer noise dissipation system.

Technics 1200 1210 Gold Tip RCA Cable

This brand is famous for its exceptional turntables. The Technics 1200 is one of the best RCA turntable cables from the brand. It is made primarily with turntables in mind. It comes with the shield path system due to an external ground.

It can reduce the need for an extra wire. It is a useful setup for an excellent arrangement. It requires you to get a bit of extra footage if you want to connect it all. Moreover, you can also install it with ease.

AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Cables

If you are looking for high-quality cables for your record player, you shouldn’t miss out on this RCA cable. It is excellent for audio connections in professional and domestic settings. They can be used with Hi-Fi systems.

You can easily use these cables since they come with white and red color markups. They offer two outputs. There are also three length options to choose from. They include 4, 8, and 15 feet.

iXCC 6FT Dual Shielded RCA Cables

Another high-quality turntable cable you can get is the iXCC RCA cable. This cable is multi-purpose. Therefore, it can be used with a lot of devices, like your smartphone. It doesn’t require you to take off its cover.

Besides, you can also easily plug in and store this cable. You can also use these cables for karaoke machines. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers you a 2-year money-back guarantee.

Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable

This cable is suitable for those who are going for ones that do their woofers justice. When using this cable, you do not have to worry about corrosion. Also, it has a slit tip center to offer strong signal strength.

Additionally, these cables come with ample layers. They help to protect against any signal loss. Moreover, there is a Velcro strap to store the cable safely.

Conclusion for the best RCA cables for turntables

When looking for the best RCA cables for turntables, you should find one plated with the highest quality gold. If you choose ones made of copper or silver, their conductivity could be better. Consider our top five best products before you purchase any of them. We hope that our article can make your option more accessible.