Best Turntable Isolation Platforms

  • Post published:April 14, 2022

When playing a record player, the vinyl played is affected by structural vibrations of the air and floor. The sound may get distortion.

Then, it’s time to think about using isolation platforms to remove vibrations. Also, it can optimize the quality of sound.

They are considered as a great solution to a permanent. Check out this article to discover our top five best turntable isolation platforms.

Top Five Best Turntable Isolation Platforms

Pro-Ject Audio Ground It Deluxe II

This brand is popular for its outstanding accessories and turntables. The Pro-Ject Deluxe II weighs 23 lbs.

Also, the model has thousands of tiny granules. It comes with four adjustable feet or spikes. You can place them under the base.

It is possible to set up with three or four feet as long as it suits your needs. There is a dark grey piano finish for a gorgeous look.

You will get high-end isolation from this platform. However, this model is a bit expensive.

Gingko Audio Isolation Platform

This platform has a simple appearance. It includes two platforms. There are a bunch of balls between them.

This model is especially made for heavy VPI turntables. However, it still can be used for any turntable.

However, you may have to cost plenty of cash if you don’t have a state of the art turntable.

If the money is a problem for you, you should consider others with a lower price tag.

Butcher Block Acoustic Isolation Platform

This model is made of solid wood. It has become a sturdy piece of work. It has a simple and pretty appearance.

The manufacturer allows you to choose between isolation platforms made of walnut and maple.

It comes with a Durakryl satin finish. Therefore, it can resist moisture when you clean it with warm soapy water.

You can buy Footers as accessories for the Butcher Block to get a little customization when choosing the Footers you want.

Auralex Acoustics Sound Damping Product

If you are looking for an affordable turntable isolation platform, you can choose this product.

It is popular for its acoustic abilities. It also is made with Ozite which is used in flooring products.

This unit is sure to hold any sized turntables with comfort. Although this one is an affordable option, it is still high quality.

It is excellent for turntablists, audiophiles, mobile DJs, and more. It ensures to decrease acoustic vibration and feedback.

Pyle PSI03 Isolation Platform

This turntable isolation platform is a budget-friendly product. It promises to give you everything you need for your record player.

You can move it around with ease since it is portable. You will get a great experience.

You can use it for all types of models. It is able to support the weight of up to 90 pounds. There are three sizes available.

Moreover, the model comes with sharp corners and edges. However, this one is not perfect for long term use. Also, it only has one color option.

Things to Consider when Buying


First, you should look for ones that fit your device perfectly. It is essential to get ones that can absorb vibration well.

If the platform doesn’t sit properly, it may lead to more noise than it did. Additionally, you should also consider the height or profile of what you are buying.


The product you choose should be able to hold your turntable. If you are going to choose a foam or rubber unit, you may not want your device to be too heavy since your platform may become deformed.


The platforms may be made of wood, rubber, or foam. If you are looking for something durable, you can choose walnut or maple.

When choosing the material, you also should consider how heavy the unit may be. This factor can impact your set up.


Some products have footers, while some require you to buy them separately. You will want to know if they are essential for your device.

They are necessary for those who want to eke out every bit of great sound they can.


If you want to improve the sound quality of your turntable, you should think about getting an isolation platform. It is a budget-friendly option to do a great job.

We have just mentioned above our top five picks. All of them are worth the money.

Also, we already let you know things to consider when looking for the best isolation platforms. Now, you can choose the best one to suit your personal needs.