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Why Should You Use an Acoustic Guitar Capo Instead of Manually Tuning the Guitar Strings?

  • Post published:October 30, 2020

One of the most popular tools of guitarists is a capo. It is commonly used in acoustic guitars. In this post, we will show you some useful things you should know about the guitar capo. Also, you will know the reasons why you should use them. At the same time, you can learn more about their advantages and disadvantages.

Why Use an Acoustic Guitar Capo?

With a guitar capo, you can improve your guitar string’s pitch. You also needn’t increase the tension of the strings. If you want to do it manually, it may exert additional tension on the guitar strings. Therefore, they will snap since it cannot deal with it.

When you tune up your strings manually, it may make the great tension force. Also, the string may break. On the other hand, tuning down a guitar string to a certain tension can make your sound weaken.

Types of Capos

Toggle Capo

This one is an entry-level model. It is built with a fabric material. Therefore, it can make tension around the neck. If you are looking for an affordable guitar capo, you can get the toggle one. It is compact. However, its grip is not good.

Yoke Capo

This model wraps around the neck back. Also, it comes with a screw in the center of the neck. Moreover, this one alters the tuning of the string in comparison to others. However, you may take a long time to install and remove it.

Spring-Loaded Capo

If you are choosing a guitar capo for speed, you should choose a spring-loaded capo. It is simple to use. Moreover, it comes in a medium price range. It allows you to begin playing immediately. However, it requires you to adjust the tuning of your instrument during your important events.

Clamp Capo

With a clamp capo, you can adjust the gripping power. This feature is to prevent it from altering the tuning of your instrument. You will have to take a longer time to install a clamp capo compared to the spring-loaded one. Also, it has a higher price range than the spring-loaded capo.

Can Capo Damage a Guitar?

It cannot damage your instrument. However, you should take it off the strings after playing with it. This step is to let the guitar strings return to the normal tension.

Should I Leave a Capo on my Guitar?

It is possible to clip your capo into your guitar’s headstock. This way helps you find it the next time with ease. Don’t forget to take your capo off when putting your instrument inside a case.


Now, you get the reason why you should use a capo for your acoustic guitar instead of tuning the string manually. Using a capo for your guitar lets you get a brighter sound. Also, it allows you to instantly change the key of your song. With it, you can also move to any certain strings. To play your guitar with a capo, you need less stretching in the left hand. Therefore, you can play some songs with ease.