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How Does Acoustic Guitar Pickup Work?

  • Post published:November 19, 2020

If you want to get an acoustic guitar pickup for your instrument, you need to look for the right one for you. There are many different models and brands available out there.

This post will let you know more about acoustic guitar pickups. Also, you can know how it works. Keep reading this post to find great choices for your guitar.

How Does Acoustic Guitar Pickup Work?

Acoustic guitar pickups are available in a few different types. For piezo and transducer ones, they operate by replicating the vibration of a specific part of your guitar. These models are placed beneath the bridge. And, you can find a soundhole model under your strings.

On the other hand, microphone-based units are available in a variety of styles. They utilize a capsule. These styles include external and internal goosenecks.

In general, the microphones can sound incredible. A microphone capsule may be prone to feedback without the right understanding of the function.

However, modern mic-based models give you user-friendly features. You should keep them on the top of your considerations if you want to get the highest sound quality.

Undersaddle and Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickups

It may be frustrated to handle different sound techs, feedback, as well as room acoustics. Therefore, you should look for the suitable option. We recommend you to choose the magnetic soundhole model for this.

These pickups are feedback-resistant and affordable. Moreover, they also don’t require batteries. You just need minimal installation.

The undersaddle one also operates by picking up sound from your strings. However, this unit requires a bit more of installation compared to a soundhole model. They use six piezo crystals offering a small voltage.

As mentioned previously, both of these two pickups work by picking up the vibration from your strings. Moreover, these models also sound brighter and tinier compared to alternative pickup models.

Active Pickups

These models are different from passive ones since they require batteries. They are made to strengthen the signal from your instrument. Also, they can help to improve expected frequencies before it reaches your PA system or your mixer.

Passive Pickups

Passive pickups are not trying to enhance the tone of your guitar. Some people choose them due to using a dedicated preamp to sculpt your tone. They allow you to achieve more control over your mix.

Microphone-Based Pickups

If you are looking for the best build quality of your instrument, you should choose microphone-based pickups. A mic capsule is able to reach the most natural recreation of the instrument’s voice.


Now, you know how an acoustic guitar pickup works. Whichever pickup you choose, it is important to trust your ears. If there is too much top end string noise, you shouldn’t choose a soundhole model. On the other hand, a microphone-based model is not for too much feedback.

You should get started with the above options. Also, don’t forget to consider if you will use your acoustic guitar pickup in which context. Moreover, determine how best the pickup you choose can serve your personal taste as well as creation needs.