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Best Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickups

  • Post published:December 10, 2020

To get mobile amplification, you need to think about adding an acoustic guitar pickup. This system allows you to improve your sound quality. When choosing the best models for your acoustic guitar, there is a wide range of pickups available.

Therefore, you need to consider many factors before buying one. Keep reading this post to learn about these factors. Also, we will introduce you to our top five best models on the market now.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Luvay Acoustic Guitar Pickup

This model is affordable. It allows you to transform your acoustic instrument into a powerful electric model. It offers you a great decent sound. Moreover, it is a great choice for home use.

It comes with an easy-clip design. Therefore, it is easy to clip straight into the rim. Moreover, it offers you warm tones. It ensures to provide you with a great range of movement, thanks to the three-meter cable.

Also, it is simple to install just in seconds. Many players choose it because of its heavy durable building.

K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup

If you want to get a full rich sound, you should consider getting this guitar pickup. It is sure to provide you with a softer representation of a natural tone that you may not get from other pickup systems. It offers a high sound quality.

It includes a helpful plastic tool. Therefore, the pickup allows you to get the right placement. Besides, it does not come with a battery. You can use it with nylon or steel guitar strings.

Fishman Rare Earth Soundhole Acoustic Pickup

This pickup offers you a smoother treble response compared to previous common ones. It can give you a cleaner sound compared to a passive alternative model. Moreover, it comes with cutting-edge magnets.

It comes with top quality discreet, low current circuits, as well as low-noise. It promises to provide you with natural tones. However, it may be a hassle when you want to mount the pickup on something other than a guitar.

1pc Belcat SH-85 Soundhole Pickup

If you are looking for the best soundhole pickup for your acoustic guitar, the Kmise is recommended highly. It has an innovative design. It ensures high sound quality. Moreover, this system is also affordable.

Additionally, the pickup brings a great bass along with the mid-range response. It is an excellent option for intimate venues as well as practice. You can install it with ease. Also, it comes with shock-absorbing foam.

Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup

This pickup can give you rich acoustic sound tones without interference and background residuals. It is well made. Moreover, the model offers a fatter more compressed sound compared to a single-coil model.

There is a wide range of stained wood housing. It will provide you with additional protection. This system is great for those who plan to play near electronic lights. Besides, the model has an excellent guitar tuner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soundhole pickups good?

Using these pickups allow you to get the true sound of your guitar. They don’t need the artifact imparted by magnetic models. The fact is that magnetic models can make your acoustic instrument like an electric one rather than an acoustic.

How much does it cost to put an acoustic guitar pickup?

You will have to pay $200 for an acoustic guitar pickup. Moreover, it will cost around $40 to install it.

Can I put a pickup on an acoustic guitar?

It may be tricky to amplify an acoustic guitar. Many modern guitars come with an onboard pickup system. Therefore, we needn’t an acoustic guitar pickup. On the contrary, for ones that don’t have an on-board pickup system, you can choose many affordable pickups available.


The best acoustic guitar pickups can give you deep, rich, and distinct tones. While I have just introduced to you a detailed option of the best acoustic guitar pickups to start with, feel free to try any of them to find the right one for your guitar. Good luck!