Best Marantz Turntables

  • Post published:May 17, 2022

Vinyl records give your music a romantic warmth. Turntables have withstood the invention of the television, the radio, iPod, and Walkman.

Today, these models are often compact, sleek, and technologically advanced.

Some of them come with computer connections, Bluetooth capabilities, fully automatic functionality, and built-in speakers.

There is a wide range of options out there to choose from. Therefore, it may be overwhelming to choose the right one.

In this post, we will review the Marantz TT42P turntable, one of the best models from the Marantz.

The Marantz TT42P Specs

This model includes a pre-installed cartridge. Also, there is a built-in preamp. It offers a more classical appearance compared to typical Marantz models.

It includes a black plinth. Besides, there is a plastic dust cover. Therefore, you can easily protect your device when it is not in use.

There are two-speed options to choose from 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. It is sure to provide you with excellent sound quality.

Moreover, it also comes with a belt drive and a DC servo motor to decrease vibrations.

It is also able to decrease any potential distortion that can happen due to a magnetic cartridge included. You can play this turntable through any of the audio inputs, thanks to the built-in preamp.

The Marantz TT42P Review

Many players choose this turntable because of its high-quality sound and simple-to-play features.

It is designed to remain clear and stable sound throughout different tempo ranges.

The turntable allows you to play your record with ease. Also, it doesn’t require you to reposition anything.

The model ensures smooth operation, thanks to the DC servo motor. Also, there is a belt drive.

You will get the vibrant tones due to the excellent tonearm, smooth belt drive, as well as silent motor.

However, it is impossible to upgrade the cartridge for a few players. If you want to do that, you may have to find something different. This model is not right for you.

Besides, the power cord is not suitable for several players. It seems to be a bit sensitive.

According to these players, you shouldn’t have other plugs to attach to the same outlet because of the size. Instead, you should keep it on a stable surface.

Things to Consider in a Turntable


Your device is powered through a drive that includes two different types: a direct drive and a belt-drive.

A direct one is a motor sitting directly beneath the platter. These models may increase vibrations. It means they can impact the song.

On the other hand, a belt-drive model is a motor that connects the motor to the platter using a belt.

It can help to decrease vibrations. Therefore, these models offer you better sound.

Phono Preamp

This feature is to ensure your integrated amplifier or AV receiver works with your device. However, not all the turntables come with a built-in phono preamp.

Therefore, it is essential to check your device first to know if it has one. If not, you need to buy one separately.

Cartridge and Tonearm

These features are also important parts of a turntable. The cartridge converts grooves on your record into an output signal.

Then, the tonearm works to keep it positioned correctly over the record.

Other Features

Every model should have both basics and bonus features. These bonus features can help to improve the output and value of your turntable.

You can find plenty of new features, such as Bluetooth technology, RCA cables, and USB ports.

Some models also come with built-in speakers, compact CD players, and radio tuning.

You should also look for ones with a dust cover to protect your turntable from contaminants that may damage your device.


The Marantz TT42P turntable is an excellent option at an affordable price range. There are many great features you can get from this model.

The only downside of the unit is that it is impossible to upgrade the cartridge.

This one is a great choice for beginners due to the user-friendly automatic playability. If you are looking for a new turntable, you can consider getting the Marantz TT42P.