10 Best Guitar Wall Hanger Reviews

  • Post published:August 28, 2022

Some very many people are passionate about guitars, and because of that, some of them buy multiple pieces.

However, guitars can take a significant real estate, particularly if you are an apartment dweller. But there is a solution.

This solution is what we call guitar hangers. This piece of equipment utilizes the wall space in your places.

Top 10 Best Guitar Wall Hangers

Now that you know the necessary details and what to look out for on guitar hangers, let us take a look at our shortlisted items. Here are some of them:

1. String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger

String Swing is a company proud of its US-made product. They are very well known in terms of guitar hangers. This one, in particular, is one of its best.

It has a classic wood finish and U shape hook, which padded. This is a good feature because it does not leave any scratches on your guitar’s neck or nut.

It is made out of a combination of steel and hardwood. The installation is straight forward. Moreover, it is priced decently.

You also get two color choices, which are natural and black walnut.


  • Customer service is impressive.
  • Well-constructed wall mount
  • Beautiful classic finish
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Great value for money


  • Not ideal for classical guitars as it can be too small.
  • Not preferable for heavy guitars.

2. WOGOD Guitar Hanger

This guitar hanger is compatible with most standard ukulele, mandolins, violin, bass, and acoustic guitar.

It has an all-steel construction with a soft sponge around the hook for a scratch-proof feature.

Moreover, this guitar is one of the most affordable wall hangers on this list, and you can say that it does not sacrifice quality despite that.

It also has an all-black and straight forward design, so it blends in well in any space you use it in.


  • No need to drill on the wall for mounting
  • Comes with three free pics and a pic carrying case
  • Bang for the buck
  • Nice color and design
  • Compatible with a lot of kinds of guitar


  • The guitar can lay too close to the wall.
  • The free drywall screws are insufficient.

3. CC CAIHONG Hardwood Guitar Hanger

This guitar hanger comes in a pack of six at a reasonable price you right off the bat. You can say that that is value for money.

In terms of function, it holds most standard shape guitars. It has padding on the hook to protect the guitar against scratches every time it is the hanger.

It also has a stopper, which prevents unwanted guitar slippage.

Aside from that, the design is elegantly executed. It has an impressive real hardwood construction.

It is easy to install, and it also offers free drywall and mounting screws in its packages.


  • Easy to assemble and drywall anchors and mounting screws are already included.
  • The instruction manual is comprehensive.
  • Compatible with guitars, bass, violin and banjo
  • Sturdy
  • Classic design
  • Value for money


  • The screws need a plastic spacer if you are mounting it in a wall not made from sheetrock.
  • The free anchors could be better.

4. String Swing CC151-LPN-FW Guitar Hanger

So far, the guitar hangers on our list are mostly vertical, so to change things up a bit, here is a horizontal guitar hanger.

It is ideal for narrow guitars like a bass. Also, this is from the String Swing, which has trusted craftsmanship when it comes to guitar hanger.

This one, in particular, is made with US standards. It is made out of powder-coated steel for rust resistance.

It also has a rubber coating in the hooks to prevent scratches on the neck and body.

Moreover, this company offers a lifetime structural warranty. You also get free mounting hardware upon purchase.


  • Uniquely display your guitar
  • Perfect for narrow guitars
  • It is sturdy, and the construction is well made
  • Excellent security features
  • Impeccable value for money
  • Easy and quick installation


  • No color or design option available
  • The protective rubber padding is not for everyone.

5. Donner Guitar Hanger

Here’s a unique feature that might interest you: this guitar has an auto-lock system. This allows automatically close its hatch when the guitar is hanged to prevent it from falling off.

This also automatically opens when you lift your guitar. Cool, right?

The installation is also very straight forward, but you would be required to drill a 6mm hole on your wall. Also, this guitar hanger can cater to guitars that weigh up to 10kg.

The price point is very affordable, especially if you get the three-piece bundle.

Moreover, you also get an unconditional money-back guarantee for 30 days. So, if you are not happy with the product, you can simply send it back.


  • Easy to install and all the screws, nuts and bolts are already included
  • The auto-locking feature is impressive.
  • Excellent price point
  • Sufficient cushions for protection


  • The auto-locking mechanism only works if your guitar is heavier. If it is not, the mechanism will not engage.

6. Nebo Guitar Hanger

This guitar also features an auto-locking mechanism. It is also easy to install. 2 kinds of screws are already included in the purchase.

It is compatible with most standard bass, classical, electric, and acoustic guitars.

The maximum weight support capacity of this guitar is 15kg, which can be considered impressive. Also, this hanger has a rubber coating on the hook for protection:


  • Beautiful hardwood finish, color, and design. Perfect for classic aesthetics.
  • Easily hangs on the wall
  • Great locking feature
  • Sturdy


  • The padding around the hook can be insufficient. This means if your guitar is on the heavier side, it may have scratches around the neck.
  • It can be a little costly for some customers.

7. S-WH-08A WINGO Guitar Hanger

This guitar hanger takes pride in its durable hardware material. It provides sufficient space from the wall to your guitar.

It also has silicon paddings and stoppers to protect your guitar from scratches.

Aside from that, this guitar is easy to mount. The screws and mounting accessories are included in your purchase. Also, you get a lifetime warranty from this one.


  • Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to mount
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Great design


  • Not ideal for small guitars
  • A different anchor is more preferrable

8. Top Stage JX15-NA Guitar Hanger

This guitar hanger is constructed with real hardwood and a yoke coated stainless steel. It can accommodate a variety of stringed instruments aside from a guitar.

Apart from that, a formulated padding is also incorporated in its design.

Upon purchasing this guitar hanger, you will also receive two drywall anchors and two mounting screws.

The instruction for installation is straight forward, which makes it hassle-free. Also, this guitar hanger offers a three-piece pack at a very affordable price.


  • Affordable three-piece package
  • Excellent hardwood finishes
  • Sufficient padding for protection
  • Easy to mount
  • Durable and well-made construction


  • The angle of the fork can be a little weird
  • The free screws can be too short

9. EONLION Guitar Hanger

This four-pack hanger is perfect bass, acoustic, and electric guitars. It is made out of hardwood materials that have a bright color. This makes it pleasing to the eyes.

This guitar hanger also has a rubber holster that is soft and protects the handle of your guitar.

Also, its stopper is adjustable to it can adapt to the size of the guitar for added safety from falling off.

It is also easy to install by using a single Phillips screwdriver. The instructions are easy to follow, as well.


  • Large wall to guitar space
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for money
  • Can accommodate guitars that weigh around 9 lbs.


  • The free screws are not good quality
  • The hardwood cut is not consistent

10. VEIDIA Guitar Hanger

This guitar hanger is the cheapest in this list, given that it has six pieces in a pack. It accommodates standard sized guitars.

It also has a sponge cover that protects your guitars against imprints.

Moreover, the arms of this hanger can be adjusted to your preferred angle. The hook is made out of steel, and it can carry guitars up to 60lbs.

It is also easy to install and comes with free drywall mount and screws.


  • Great price and excellent quality
  • The adjustable feature is nice, which adapts to the size of your guitar.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • It has a comprehensive instruction manual for installation.


  • The quality of the hardware can be better.

Why Use a Guitar Hanger?

Professionals have widely used guitar hangers. This is evident every time you walk into a guitar shop and see hundreds of their products hanging on the walls. This tells you that there several positive benefits from using a guitar hanger in your own home. Here are some of them.

Space Saving.

One of the most efficient ways to maximize your space is by using the walls, and this is precisely what you will get from a guitar hanger. Furthermore, it keeps it away from being accidental damage due to tripping or falling.


Guitar hangers offer easy access to a guitar. You can simply hang it and lift it. Some guitar hangers even have an auto-locking mechanism that utilizes the weight of your guitar.


Most people who own a guitar a very artistic, and their spaces often reflect that part of their personalities. With a guitar hanger, you have multiple designs, finish, and hardware options. This way, it is easy to achieve your design aesthetic.

Buying a Guitar Hanger Consideration

Of course, there must be a few considerations that you must take to find the best guitar hanger for you. Here are some of them.


Guitar hangers require mounting. Some need holes to drill while others can use magnetic mounting. This is why, when selecting a guitar hanger, you must check out its installation process. A guitar hanger with free hardware also sounds like a good deal.

Guitar Type.

Not all guitar hangers are made with equal hooks and capabilities. This is why you must cross-reference it with your guitar. Make sure that it can support its weight and firmly hold on to its neck.

Hook Type.

A good guitar hanger hook must have sufficient padding. This will prevent dents and scratches around your guitar’s neck. Furthermore, it would be ideal if it has a stopper too.

If you want to go for more extra detail, opt for hangers with auto-lock mechanisms and those that are adjustable.


You can identify the strength of the guitar hanger through its material. Hardwood and steel combinations are great. But, it is better to go for steels, which are powdered coated as it has more longevity.


Similar to other purchases, the price range is essential. There are plenty of options for guitar hangers at different price points.

However, a good deal could be found in bundle packs. This is great, especially if you have multiple guitars that you want to hang. A guitar hanger with free bolts and screws is a good deal too.

Frequently Asked Question

Are guitar hangers good for a guitar?

Yes, it helps protect the guitars from scratches. It also helps save storage space for the guitar owner.

How to attach a guitar hanger to the wall?

There are several ways on how to do this, and it depends on the type and model of the guitar hanger. However, the general idea is that it is mounted on the way with the use of screws.

Final Thoughts

A guitar hanger is a useful storage accessory for guitars. Hanging your guitars is the perfect way to save space and show it off as a display. However, it is vital that you get a durable and sturdy guitar hanger so it will do its job. Also, make sure that it is correctly installed.

Hopefully, you find the best guitar hanger for you from the list above. The list provides a variety of options in terms of design and price points.