Who is the Music Therapy Trust?

Our Mission


To promote, develop, and support music therapy services and research in order to restore, maintain, and improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of Canadians.

Our Vision


To create better lives through the transformative power of music therapy.

Based in the Music Therapy Centre in Toronto, the Music Therapy Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to making music therapy available to more people in more communities across Canada.

The scientific evidence tells us that music therapy works. However music therapy is still not a well-known therapy and is seldom funded by government programs. This means that for the most part, music therapy is only available in Canada to those who can pay for it.
Music therapy helps us to move and communicate, to cope, to better understand ourselves and to reach our full potential. We want to make music therapy available to anyone who needs it, so we provide funding for music therapy programs.